Nu Alpha Kappa, Inc. fraternity is excited to bring the “NAKLand Children’s Carnival” to our community. This festival, which is open to the public at no charge, will take place simultaneously as Nu Alpha Kappa Fraternity, Inc. hosts a National Bone Marrow Drive Registry. The carnival will host a variety of inflatable jumpers such as: Big Glove Boxing Arena, Inflatable Jousting Pedestal, Inflatable Obstacle Course, Giant Scramble Slides, at least Four Carnival Game booths giving out prizes, plus several small games with rewards.

Most certainly, this event will serve as a catalyst to educate guests, family, friends and members of the community about the importance of registering with the National Marrow Donor Program. With the collaboration of Nu Alpha Kappa and the San Diego Blood Bank, we plan to register over 200 new donors and update the information of those already in the registry, which according to the NMDP would be a great success.

Mission Statement

The purpose of the NAKLand Children’s Carnival is to promote and foster a positive relationship between the City of San Diego and the San Diego State University Greek community. In doing so NAK will be able to continue to provide a safe environment for families and students of the university to build bridges and provide positive role models.

History of NAKLand

On November 1999, Nu Alpha Kappa Fraternity Inc.’s Beta Chapter at San Diego State University received the privilege to host and promote the 1999 Pledge-Fest. In an effort to surpass every Pledge-Fest before it, the Beta Chapter at San Diego State University organized an event that would combine culture and community service, a free children’s carnival. At this event there were over 100 brothers of the organization and about 65 potential new members in attendance. These individuals helped put together the first ever NAKLand Children’s Carnival where there were several small booths, astro-jump, toys, prizes, gifts, and food, free of charge.

NAK at San Diego State University has continued the NAKland tradition providing the carnival for children throughout the years. Since the first NAKland in 1999, our attendance has gone up from 100 to 300 children in April 2003. Although, originally held in November; NAKLand was moved to April to celebrate the Mexican holiday Día De Los Niños (Children’s Day) which falls on the last day of April. This holiday commemorating children, falls in early April in the United States. Día De Los Niños celebrates and honors the children of the community for their efforts in and out of school by giving them a day to receive toys, candy, money, and most of all, recognition of their future worth.

In previous years, other university organizations have helped at our carnival by donating gifts and attending the carnival in small numbers as carnival staff. Thank you letters and pictures were sent to these participating organizations as documentation of this extraordinary event. At the NAKLand hosted in 2004, NAK integrated the organizations on campus in a more involved manner. It was determined that other organizations on campus could still donate gifts if they could not attend they event but were highly encouraged to sponsor an entire booth. Other organizations on campus were encouraged to provide the materials needed for the set up and the gifts that went along as prizes for the wining children of the small competitions. Since 2004, NAKLand has been made possible with the help of other school organizations such as Alpha Epsilon (AE), Hispanic Business Student Association (HBSA), Association of Chicana Activist (A.Ch.A.), Alpha Pi Sigma (AΠΣ), Lambda Theta Alpha (ΛΘA), Sigma Lambda Gamma (ΣΛΓ), Upsilon Kappa Delta (ΥΚΔ), Lambda Sigma Gamma (ΛΣΓ), Sigma Theta Psi (ΣΘΨ), and Sigma Alpha Zeta (ΣAZ).

With the increase in assistance from other organizations on the San Diego State University campus, we pushed for news coverage. We wrote letters to the local newspapers, T.V. stations, and the school newspaper requesting their presence at the carnival. During the 2003 NAKLand a representative from our school newspaper came to the event and wrote a story on the event which came out in the DAILY AZTEC: Tuesday, April 29, 2003; marking the first year NAK was recognized in the school newspaper for putting on this carnival.

As our free children’s carnival continues to grow in terms of size and attraction, we hope that our efforts more than simply please you; encourage you to participate or donate to our carnival.