Emerging as leaders is what we strive in NAK. While NAK does not create leaders, for we all are, NAK refines our skills to emerge as great leaders of our chapters and to prepare us for the real world. One way to refine our leadership skills is our Annual NLDC (National Leadership Development Conference) workshops, where we prepare the newest members and active body of our chapters, on how we can run the chapter more effectively and continue striving to enrich our chapter and our fraternity as a whole.

The NLDC has become NAK’s greatest tool in developing future leaders of our society. Our conference has evolved into a premiere learning environment for new and old brothers of our fraternity. Many of the topics and issues that were tackled are some of the very same issues Latinos in the US face today.

NAK has established itself as a Leading community organization, set on creating an opportunities for students on various campuses throughout California and Colorado. We also understand that our brothers are the future leaders of our community and that in order to harness their experiences into successful contributors of our society that events such as our NLDC are critical to achieve this.