NAKfest is the signature event of Nu Alpha Kappa Fraternity, Inc. It is the annual family reunion of our brotherhood where Alumni and undergrads reconnect with old friends. Undergraduates gain motivation to pursue greater success in community service and campus participation. For initiates and new members it is often the event that opens their eyes to the power of NAK.

NAKfest is also a tradition that brings out the best of us in sports, and is a great way to aspire brotherhood amongst all our brothers from their distinctive chapters. Every year in April we all gather at a different chapter to participate in the sporting events to see who is the best chapter, as well as take the NAKFest trophy home.

Also, during NAKfest we take time to award our outstanding members and chapters for their commitment to excellence, and striving for continuous academic empowerment. The Beta Chapter earns awards every year, here’s a few:

2010 NAKfest Champs

2006 NAKfest Champs

2004-2005 Alumni of the Year; Mr. Jose Plaza

2004-2005 Most Brotherhood

2003-2004 Chapter of the Year

2002-2003 Chapter of the Year

2002-2003 Undergraduate of the Year: Rafael Perez

2002-2003 Alumni of the Year: Mr. Jorge Parra

2001-2002 Alumni of the Year: Mr. Daniel Oliveira